Prebuilt dependency libraries for OpenEUICC to build with the AOSP source tree
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java_import {
name: "asn1bean-prebuilt-jar",
jars: ["repository/com/beanit/asn1bean/1.13.0/asn1bean-1.13.0.jar"],
java_import {
name: "zxing-core-prebuilt-jar",
jars: ["repository/com/google/zxing/core/3.4.1/core-3.4.1.jar"],
android_library_import {
name: "zxing-android-embedded-prebuilt-aar",
aars: ["repository/com/journeyapps/zxing-android-embedded/4.3.0/zxing-android-embedded-4.3.0.aar"],
sdk_version: "current",