apps/zrythm: Launch an independent dbus daemon

This is required for Zrythm to save its state
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Peter Cai 2024-04-28 15:10:29 -04:00
parent 1e1b305ba0
commit f3af5b9cda

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@ -48,7 +48,11 @@ RUN git clone && \
WORKDIR /home/user
RUN sudo rm -rf /src
# machine-id is required for dconf/gsettings
RUN sudo dbus-uuidgen --ensure
LABEL net.typeblog.dobu.desktop_file_path=/usr/share/applications/org.zrythm.Zrythm.desktop
ENTRYPOINT [ "/usr/bin/zrythm" ]
# A dbus daemon is required for Zrythm
# It does not have to share the host one though; launching any random dbus daemon would work
ENTRYPOINT [ "/usr/bin/bash", "-c", "export $(dbus-launch) && /usr/bin/zrythm" ]