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@ -237,6 +237,11 @@ bindsym Shift+F10 exec grimshot --notify save screen
bindsym Ctrl+Tab workspace next
bindsym Ctrl+grave workspace prev
# Audio volume (WirePlumber)
bindsym --locked XF86AudioRaiseVolume exec "wpctl set-volume @DEFAULT_AUDIO_SINK@ 2%+"
bindsym --locked XF86AudioLowerVolume exec "wpctl set-volume @DEFAULT_AUDIO_SINK@ 2%-"
bindsym --locked XF86AudioMute exec "wpctl set-mute @DEFAULT_AUDIO_SINK@ toggle"
bar {
swaybar_command waybar
@ -271,3 +276,7 @@ for_window [app_id="pavucontrol"] floating enable
# Start the systemd-user target for sway and import environment
# Makes service management a bit cleaner
exec_always "systemctl --user import-environment; systemctl --user start"
# Restart kanshi if it is running
# This restores monitor configuration on reload
exec_always "systemctl --user is-active kanshi && systemctl --user restart kanshi"