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.TH "IRQBALANCE" 1 "Dec 2006" "Linux" "irqbalance"
irqbalance \- distribute hardware interrupts across processors on a multiprocessor system
The purpose of \fBirqbalance\fR is distribute hardware interrupts across processors on a multiprocessor system in order to increase performance\&.
.B --oneshot
Causes irqbalance to be run once, after which the daemon exits
.B --debug
Causes irqbalance to print extra debug information. Implies --foreground
.B --foreground
Causes irqbalance to run in the foreground (without --debug)
.B --hintpolicy=[exact | subset | ignore]
Set the policy for how irq kernel affinity hinting is treated. Can be one of:
.I exact
irq affinity hint is applied unilaterally and never violated
.I subset
irq is balanced, but the assigned object will be a subset of the affintiy hint
.I ignore
irq affinity hint value is completely ignored
.B --powerthresh=<threshold>
Set the threshold at which we attempt to move a cpu into powersave mode
If more than <threshold> cpus are more than 1 standard deviation below the
average cpu softirq workload, and no cpus are more than 1 standard deviation
above (and have more than 1 irq assigned to them), attempt to place 1 cpu in
powersave mode. In powersave mode, a cpu will not have any irqs balanced to it,
in an effort to prevent that cpu from waking up without need.
.B --banirq=<irqnum>
Add the specified irq list to the set of banned irqs. irqbalance will not affect
the affinity of any irqs on the banned list, allowing them to be specified
manually. This option is addative and can be specified multiple times
.B --pid=<file>
Have irqbalance write its process id to the specified file. By default no
pidfile is written. The written pidfile is automatically unlinked when
irqbalance exits.
Same as --oneshot
Same as --debug
Provides a mask of cpus which irqbalance should ignore and never assign interrupts to
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