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Simpler build system. Placing in contrib for now.

Signed-off-by: Rosen Penev <>
12 months ago
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activate.c activate_mapping: activate only online CPUs 3 years ago Make sure the m4 directory is created in 11 years ago
bitmap.c import __bitmap_parselist from Linux kernel 8 years ago
bitmap.h import __bitmap_parselist from Linux kernel 8 years ago
classify.c get irq->module relationship from /sys/bus/pci/*/driver 1 year ago updating to version 1.0.9 1 year ago
constants.h Remove some unused constant macros in constants.h 3 years ago
cpumask.h irqbalance: use num_online_cpus() instead core_count 4 years ago
cputree.c Disable the communication socket when UI is disabled 2 years ago
irqbalance-ui.1 Add stub manpage for irqbalance-ui 4 years ago
irqbalance.1 Document migrateval 1 year ago
irqbalance.c Add '\0' to the end of strings to avoid heap buffer overflow 2 years ago
irqbalance.h Add hot pull method for irqbalance 2 years ago
irqlist.c fix unsigned integer subtraction sign overflow 2 years ago
non-atomic.h initial import 17 years ago
numa.c irqbalance: use add_one_node() to create unspecified node for numa 4 years ago
placement.c irqbalance: use NUMA_NO_NODE macro instead of -1 for numa 4 years ago
procinterrupts.c check whether savedptr is NULL before invoking strlen 1 year ago
types.h Add hot pull method for irqbalance 2 years ago

What is Irqbalance

Irqbalance is a daemon to help balance the cpu load generated by interrupts across all of a systems cpus. Irqbalance identifies the highest volume interrupt sources, and isolates each of them to a single unique cpu, so that load is spread as much as possible over an entire processor set, while minimizing cache miss rates for irq handlers.

Building and Installing Build Status

./configure [options]
make install

Developing Irqbalance

Irqbalance is currently hosted on github, and so developers are welcome to use the issue/pull request/etc infrastructure found there.

Bug reporting

When something goes wrong, feel free to send us bugreport by one of the ways described above. Your report should include:

  • Irqbalance version you've been using (or commit hash)
  • /proc/interrupts output
  • irqbalance --debug output
  • content of smp_affinity files - can be obtained by e.g.: $ for i in $(seq 0 300); do grep . /proc/irq/$i/smp_affinity /dev/null 2>/dev/null; done
  • your hw hierarchy - e.g. lstopo-no-graphics output