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SSH authentication API library

The SSH authentication API library provides an interface to using an external authentication provider, such as OpenKeychain, in the SSH authentication layer.


Apache License v2


For a basic rundown of the API design see the OpenPGP API library's For a description of the supported methods see org.openintents.ssh.authentication.SshAuthenticationApi

Add the API library to your project

Add this to your build.gradle:

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'org.sufficientlysecure:sshauthentication-api:1.0'

Build library

  1. Go to root dir of OpenKeychain repo
  2. Build: ./gradlew :sshauthentication-api:assemble
  3. Release on bintray: ./gradlew :sshauthentication-api:bintrayUpload -PbintrayUser=sufficientlysecure -PbintrayKey=INSERT-KEY -PdryRun=false