sn: return error instead of fail silently for malformed metadata

protect people from accidentally submitting malformed header and then
making things public on accident.
Peter Cai 3 years ago
parent b03a25d82a
commit 1ddd586694
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@ -122,15 +122,19 @@ struct Metadata {
// Normally when you update a post, the timestamp and URL will not be updated,
// but when you have custom metadata, they will always be updated.
// When the URL is updated, the old URL will automatically 301 to the new one
fn parse_custom_metadata_from_content(text: String) -> (Option<CustomMetadata>, String) {
// An error will be returned if the JSON block exists but is malformed
// Otherwise, it's always Ok with metadata or no metadata
// This is to prevent people from sending a malformed header and accidentally
// making posts public
fn parse_custom_metadata_from_content(text: String) -> MyResult<(Option<CustomMetadata>, String)> {
if !text.starts_with("```json\n") {
(None, text)
Ok((None, text))
} else {
match text.find("```\n\n") {
None => (None, text),
None => Ok((None, text)),
Some(pos) => {
let json = serde_json::from_str(&text[8..pos]).ok();
return (json, text[pos + 5..].to_owned())
let json = serde_json::from_str(&text[8..pos]).internal_err()?;
return Ok((json, text[pos + 5..].to_owned()))
@ -188,7 +192,7 @@ async fn create_or_update_post(req: Request, url: Url) -> MyResult<Response> {
let uuid = data.items[0].uuid.clone();
let text = data.items[0].content.text.clone();
let title = data.items[0].content.title.clone();
let (custom_metadata, text) = parse_custom_metadata_from_content(text);
let (custom_metadata, text) = parse_custom_metadata_from_content(text)?;
let theme_config = custom_metadata.as_ref().and_then(|it| it.theme_config.clone());
let metadata = build_metadata(custom_metadata, &uuid, &title);
let post = match blog::Post::find_by_uuid(&uuid).await {