blog: enable all markdown extensions supported by pulldown_cmark

Peter Cai 3 years ago
parent de8eace92e
commit 26bb98b11e
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@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ impl Post {
// library updates. Updaing this value invalidates all
// existing cache and they will be recompiled when someone
// visits.
const CACHE_VERSION: &'static str = "0008";
const CACHE_VERSION: &'static str = "0009";
// The prefix path used for caching remote images
pub const IMG_CACHE_PREFIX: &'static str = "/imgcache/";
@ -274,12 +274,10 @@ impl PostContentCache {
// Despite the signature, this function BLOCKS
// async only comes from digesting via SubtleCrypto
pub async fn render(post: &Post) -> PostContentCache {
// TODO: enable some options; also generate a summary (?)
// from first few paragraphs
// We have to first collect all events into a vector
// because we need to asynchronously transform the events
// which could not be done through mapping on iterators
let mut parser: Vec<Event> = Parser::new(&post.content).collect();
let mut parser: Vec<Event> = Parser::new_ext(&post.content, Options::all()).collect();
for ev in parser.iter_mut() {
match ev {
Event::Start(tag) | Event::End(tag) => {