Yet another Arduino-based stepper motor MIDI synthesizer
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#pragma once
class TickController {
// 0 to disable
unsigned int period_half_micros;
// 0 - 16384, 8192 = no bend
unsigned int midi_bend;
unsigned int period_with_bend;
void CalculatePeriod();
void SetPeriod(unsigned int half_micros);
void SetBend(unsigned int bend);
// In units of half microseconds
// 0 = disabled
unsigned long NextTick();
unsigned long NextTickWithTs(unsigned long cur_half_micros);
class MotorControl {
// Control pins of the stepper motor
int pin_dir, pin_step;
unsigned long next_tick_half_micros;
TickController tick_ctrl;
void DoTick();
// Constructor
MotorControl(int pin_dir, int pin_step);
// Must be called before using any other functionality (but after enabling the controllers)
void Init();
// Set the motor to tick at a given interval (inverse of frequency)
void TickOn(unsigned long period_half_micros);
// Set the motor to tick with a given MIDI pitch
void TickAtPitch(unsigned int midi_pitch);
// Set the pitch bend
void TickPitchBend(int bend);
// Turn off the motor
void TickOff();
// Perform a tick if necessary
// This should be called from the main event loop
void Tick(unsigned long cur_half_micros);