Yet another Arduino-based stepper motor MIDI synthesizer
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# Makefile to build an Arduino project
# Thanks to <>
# Determine path of arduino core libraries
ARDUINO_HW := /usr/share/arduino/hardware
# On Arch Linux, the path is /usr/share/arduino/hardware/archlinux-arduino, so
# we use a wildcard to handle this case
# TODO: allow overriding ARDUINO_LIB from env variables
ARDUINO_LIB := $(firstword $(wildcard ${ARDUINO_HW}/*arduino))
# Arduino core libraries
VPATH := \
${ARDUINO_LIB}/avr/cores/arduino \
${ARDUINO_LIB}/avr/libraries/Wire/src \
VARIANTS := ${ARDUINO_LIB}/avr/variants/standard
# Only used for VSCode Intellisense configuration
AVR_INC := /usr/avr/include
# Include all subdirectories from libraries we need
VPATH := $(foreach path, ${VPATH}, ${path} $(shell find ${path} -type d))
# Add the local directory into VPATH. Potential local subdirectories also go here
# This is to prevent the command above from including directories like .git into
# the VPATH list
VPATH += ${PWD} \
${PWD}/ArduinoMIDI/src \
# Build parameters
BUILD_DIR := out
CC := avr-gcc
CXX := avr-g++
OBJCOPY := avr-objcopy
AVRDUDE := avrdude
MMCU := -mmcu=atmega328p
INCS := \
$(foreach path, ${VPATH}, -I ${path}) \
$(foreach path, ${VARIANTS}, -I ${path}) \
CFLAGS := -O3 -DF_CPU=16000000UL ${MMCU} ${INCS}
# Generate sections for each function and variable
# so that LD can eliminate unused functions and variables
CFLAGS += -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections
# GCC LD options to eliminate unused sections
LDFLAGS := ${MMCU} -Wl,--gc-sections
# List all source files
SOURCES := $(foreach path, $(VPATH), \
$(wildcard ${path}/*.c) $(wildcard ${path}/*.cpp) $(wildcard ${path}/*.S))
# Remove main.cpp from the Arduino core libraries (instead of the local project)
# This allows us to use the proper main() function instead of setup() and loop()
SOURCES := $(filter-out ${ARDUINO_HW}%main.cpp, ${SOURCES})
# Strip path from the file names, since they are in VPATH, which means
# we don't need to include the full paths
SOURCES := $(foreach file, ${SOURCES}, $(notdir ${file}))
# Translate everything to target object files
OBJS := $(patsubst %.c, ${BUILD_DIR}/%.o, ${OBJS})
OBJS := $(patsubst %.cpp, ${BUILD_DIR}/%.o, ${OBJS})
OBJS := $(patsubst %.S, ${BUILD_DIR}/%_asm.o, ${OBJS})
PROGRAM := arduino-otp
# Build rules for different source types
${BUILD_DIR}/%.o: %.c
mkdir -p ${BUILD_DIR}
${CC} ${CFLAGS} -c $< -o $@
${BUILD_DIR}/%.o: %.cpp
mkdir -p ${BUILD_DIR}
${CXX} ${CFLAGS} -c $< -o $@
${BUILD_DIR}/%_asm.o: %.S
mkdir -p ${BUILD_DIR}
${CC} ${CFLAGS} -c $< -o $@
${CC} ${LDFLAGS} $^ -o $@
${OBJCOPY} -O ihex -R .eeprom $< $@
define to-json-array
$(shell echo '$(foreach path, $1, "${path}",)' | sed "s/,$$//")
# vscode intellisense configuration file
# note that vscode will automatically format the generated file
.vscode/c_cpp_properties.json: c_cpp_properties.json.template
mkdir -p .vscode
sed 's@__includePaths__@$(call to-json-array, ${AVR_INC} ${VPATH} ${VARIANTS})@' c_cpp_properties.json.template > .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json
.PHONY: all clean upload vscode pitch_table
all: ${BUILD_DIR}/${PROGRAM}.hex
rm -rf ${BUILD_DIR}
upload: all
ifndef PORT
$(error PORT is undefined)
${AVRDUDE} -F -V -c arduino -p ATMEGA328P -P ${PORT} -b 115200 -D -U flash:w:${BUILD_DIR}/${PROGRAM}.hex
rm -rf .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json
make .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json
python > pitch_table.h