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fnetx 2022-12-14 19:56:57 +01:00 committed by Earl Warren
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commit 225b30f1f7
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.gitignore vendored
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@ -116,3 +116,6 @@ prime/
# Manpage
# Generated merged Forgejo+Gitea language files

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@ -829,10 +829,14 @@ generate: generate-backend
generate-backend: $(TAGS_PREREQ) generate-go
.PHONY: generate-go
generate-go: $(TAGS_PREREQ)
generate-go: $(TAGS_PREREQ) merge-locales
@echo "Running go generate..."
@CC= GOOS= GOARCH= $(GO) generate -tags '$(TAGS)' $(GO_PACKAGES)
.PHONY: merge-locales
$(GO) run build/merge-forgejo-locales.go
.PHONY: security-check
@ -996,13 +1000,7 @@ lockfile-check:
.PHONY: update-translations
mkdir -p ./translations
cd ./translations && curl -L https://crowdin.com/download/project/gitea.zip > gitea.zip && unzip gitea.zip
rm ./translations/gitea.zip
$(SED_INPLACE) -e 's/="/=/g' -e 's/"$$//g' ./translations/*.ini
$(SED_INPLACE) -e 's/\\"/"/g' ./translations/*.ini
mv ./translations/*.ini ./options/locale/
rmdir ./translations
# noop to detect merge conflicts (potentially needs updating the scripts) and avoid breaking with Gitea
.PHONY: generate-license