[BRANDING] Add `forgejo` emoji

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Caesar Schinas 2022-12-19 00:05:51 -10:00 committed by Loïc Dachary
parent a81e4e2588
commit 2b1fd9565f
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@ -82,8 +82,8 @@ var UI = struct {
DefaultTheme: `auto`,
Themes: []string{`auto`, `gitea`, `arc-green`},
Reactions: []string{`+1`, `-1`, `laugh`, `hooray`, `confused`, `heart`, `rocket`, `eyes`},
CustomEmojis: []string{`git`, `gitea`, `codeberg`, `gitlab`, `github`, `gogs`},
CustomEmojisMap: map[string]string{"git": ":git:", "gitea": ":gitea:", "codeberg": ":codeberg:", "gitlab": ":gitlab:", "github": ":github:", "gogs": ":gogs:"},
CustomEmojis: []string{`git`, `gitea`, `codeberg`, `gitlab`, `github`, `gogs`, `forgejo`},
CustomEmojisMap: map[string]string{"git": ":git:", "gitea": ":gitea:", "codeberg": ":codeberg:", "gitlab": ":gitlab:", "github": ":github:", "gogs": ":gogs:", "forgejo": ":forgejo:"},
Notification: struct {
MinTimeout time.Duration
TimeoutStep time.Duration

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