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<img src="https://codeberg.org/forgejo/meta/raw/branch/readme/logo/forgejo.svg" alt="" width="192" align="center" />
<h1 align="center">Welcome to Forgejo</h1>
Hi there! Tired of big platforms playing monopoly?
Providing Git hosting for your project, friends, company or community?
**Forgejo** (/for'd&#865;ʒe.jo/ inspired by forĝejo the Esperanto word for *forge*) has you covered with its intuitive interface,
light and easy hosting and a lot of builtin functionality.
Forgejo was [created in 2022](https://forgejo.org/2022-12-15-hello-forgejo/)
because we think that the project should be owned by an independent community.
If you second that, then Forgejo is for you!
Our promise: **Independent Free/Libre Software forever!**
## What does Forgejo offer?
<!-- If you want to know what Forgejo is like,
you can check out public instances,
e.g. [Codeberg.org](https://codeberg.org).
If you like any of the following, Forgejo is literally meant for you:
- Lightweight: Forgejo can easily be hosted on nearly **every machine**.
Running on a Raspberry? Small cloud instance? No problem!
- Project management: Besides Git hosting, Forgejo offers issues,
pull requests, wikis, kanban boards and much more to **coordinate with your team**.
- Publishing: Have something to share? Use **releases** to host your software for download,
or use the **package registry** to publish it for docker, npm and many other package managers.
- Customizable: Want to change your look? Change some settings?
There are many **config switches** to make Forgejo work exactly like you want.
- Powerful: Organizations & team permissions, CI integration, Code Search, LDAP, OAuth and much more.
If you have **advanced needs**, Forgejo has you covered.
- Privacy: From update checker to default settings: Forgejo is built to be **privacy first** for you and your crew.
- Federation: (WIP) We are actively working to connect software forges with each other through **ActivityPub**,
and create a collaborative network of personal instances.
## Learn more
Dive into the [documentation](https://forgejo.org/docs/latest/), subscribe to releases and blog post on [our website](https://forgejo.org), <a href="https://floss.social/@forgejo" rel="me">find us on the Fediverse</a> or hop into [our Matrix room](https://matrix.to/#/#forgejo-chat:matrix.org) if you have any questions or want to get involved.
## Get involved
If you are interested in making Forgejo better, either by reporting a bug or by changing the governance, please [take a look at the contribution guide](CONTRIBUTING.md).