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[DOCS] CONTRIBUTING/RELEASE: https://forgejo.org/docs/admin

Because the version is not displayed on the landing page of Forgejo,
there cannot be a link to a versionned documentation. There must exist
a link that points to the latest version on the website for the
forgejo instance to display.

Better but more complicated approaches could be to:

* Embed the documentation in Forgejo
* Allow the admin to not display the help
* Allow the admin to display a versionned help or not

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* Remove obsolete description of the well being & moderation team and
  replace them with a link to the moderation email.

* Remove description of the governance process and replace with a link
  to the governance readme that did not exist at the time.

* Add links to the Forgejo documentation

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# Forgejo Contributor Guide
The Forgejo project is run by a community of people who are expected to follow this guide when cooperating on a simple bug fix as well as when changing the governance. For more information about the project, take a look at [the documentation explaining what Forgejo provides](README.md).
Sensitive security-related issues should be reported to [security@forgejo.org](mailto:security@forgejo.org) using [encryption](https://keyoxide.org/security@forgejo.org).
## For everyone involved
- [Documentation](https://forgejo.org/docs/next/)
- [Code of Conduct](https://forgejo.org/docs/next/developer/COC/)
- [Bugs, features, security and others discussions](https://forgejo.org/docs/next/developer/DISCUSSIONS/)
- [Governance](https://forgejo.org/docs/next/developer/GOVERNANCE/)
- [Sustainability and funding](https://codeberg.org/forgejo/sustainability/src/branch/master/README.md)
## For contributors
- [Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO)](https://forgejo.org/docs/next/developer/DCO/)
- [Development workflow](https://forgejo.org/docs/next/developer/WORKFLOW/)
## For maintainers
- [Release management](https://forgejo.org/docs/next/developer/RELEASE/)
- [Secrets](https://forgejo.org/docs/next/developer/SECRETS/)