Store read access in access for team repo's (#20275)

- Currently when a Team has read access to a organization's non-private
repository, their access won't be stored in the database. This caused
issue for code that rely on read access being stored. So from now-on if
we see that the repository is owned by a organization don't increase the
minMode to write permission.
- Resolves #20083
Gusted 2022-07-11 11:48:43 +00:00 committed by GitHub
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commit 8a7d1a3516
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@ -86,7 +86,13 @@ func updateUserAccess(accessMap map[int64]*userAccess, user *user_model.User, mo
// FIXME: do cross-comparison so reduce deletions and additions to the minimum?
func refreshAccesses(ctx context.Context, repo *repo_model.Repository, accessMap map[int64]*userAccess) (err error) {
minMode := perm.AccessModeRead
if !repo.IsPrivate {
if err := repo.GetOwner(ctx); err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("GetOwner: %v", err)
// If the repo isn't private and isn't owned by a organization,
// increase the minMode to Write.
if !repo.IsPrivate && !repo.Owner.IsOrganization() {
minMode = perm.AccessModeWrite