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@ -4,6 +4,54 @@ A Forgejo release is published shortly after a Gitea release is published and th
The Forgejo admin should carefully read the required manual actions before upgrading. A point release (e.g. v1.19.1 or v1.19.2) does not require manual actions but others might (e.g. v1.18.0, v1.19.0).
## 1.19.0-3
The [complete list of commits](https://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/commits/branch/v1.19/forgejo) included in the `Forgejo v1.19.0-3` release can be reviewed from the command line with:
$ git clone https://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/
$ git -C forgejo log --oneline --no-merges v1.19.0-2..v1.19.0-3
This stable release includes security updates and bug fixes.
* Recommended Action
We recommend that all installations are upgraded to the latest version.
* Security
The [Forgejo security team](https://forgejo.org/.well-known/security.txt) analyzed the vulnerabilities fixed in the latest [Go 1.20.3 packages](https://go.dev/doc/devel/release#go1.20.minor) and [Alpine 3.17.3](https://alpinelinux.org/posts/Alpine-3.17.3-released.html) and concluded that Forgejo is not affected.
As a precaution the Forgejo v1.19.0-3 binaries were compiled with [Go 1.20.3 packages](https://go.dev/doc/devel/release#go1.20.minor) as published on 4 April 2023 and the container images were built with [Alpine 3.17.3](https://alpinelinux.org/posts/Alpine-3.17.3-released.html) as published on 29 March 2023.
* [Forgejo Semantic Version](https://forgejo.org/docs/v1.19/user/semver/)
The semantic version was updated from `3.0.0+0-gitea-1.19.0` to `4.0.0+0-gitea-1.19.0` because of the breaking changes described below.
* Breaking changes
They should not have a significant impact because they are related to experimental features (federation and CI).
* [Use User.ID instead of User.Name in ActivityPub API for Person IRI](https://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/commit/2fcd57d5ae5b5926e5b0b87e46f78ad4ac83cbbd)
The ActivityPub id is an HTTPS URI that should remain constant, even if
the user changes their name.
* [Actions unit is repo.actions instead of actions.actions](https://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/commit/9596bd3712caec440859fce93d05e19cf95e5330)
All instances of `actions.actions` in the `DISABLED_REPO_UNITS` or `DEFAULT_REPO_UNITS` configuration variables must be replaced with `repo.actions`.
* Bug fixes
They are for the most part about user interface and actions. The most prominent ones are:
* [Do not filter repositories by default on the explore page](https://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/commit/d15f20b2d2ce613cc8b36536995f29f81797c002). The behavior of the explore page is back to what it was in Forgejo v1.18. Changing it was confusing.
* [Skip LFS when disabled in dump and doctor](https://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/commit/b6a2323981a7a89205a382ddf0542e205e292d3d).
* [Do not display own email on the profile](https://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/commit/1fed0e1adc8dd2d27d2d7e34dda29c8e79e5e6e8).
* [Make minio package support legacy MD5 checksum](https://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/commit/b73d1ac1eb7d5c985749dc721bbea7ebd14f9c83).
* [Do not triggers Webhooks and actions on closed PR](https://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/commit/a04535e212b04c0f6643a4f36904a3d1bf30c63f).
## 1.19.0-2
The [complete list of commits](https://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/commits/branch/v1.19/forgejo) included in the `Forgejo v1.19.0-2` release can be reviewed from the command line with: