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Gusted a5e8bb4a93
[BRANDING] security.txt
- The [security.txt]( is a standardized file to
help with reporting security vulnerabilities, by having the most essential
information served at `.well-known/security.txt`.
- Brand this file to point to the Forgejo security team.
- Resolves

(cherry picked from commit 7ca1d0ec87)
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2023-09-25 17:24:16 +02:00
Caesar Schinas b26ec6315a
[BRANDING] Custom loading animation for Forgejo
(cherry picked from commit a3b3b8a2df)
(cherry picked from commit de0fd2d2e4)
(cherry picked from commit e1bf4de211)
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2023-09-25 17:10:13 +02:00
Caesar Schinas a9579c9679
[BRANDING] Add `forgejo` emoji
(cherry picked from commit ade55ad308)
(cherry picked from commit 107f726618)
(cherry picked from commit f29cf9cfc1)
(cherry picked from commit 0761a41eee)
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2023-09-25 17:09:26 +02:00
Caesar Schinas 9b09eda168
[BRANDING] add Forgejo logo
(cherry picked from commit f42622c7d5)
(cherry picked from commit a39e7f2a79)
(cherry picked from commit afa2a31bb9)
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2023-09-25 17:04:35 +02:00
cassiozareck 09d7b83211
[FEAT] add Forgero Git Service
Signed-off-by: cassiozareck <>
(cherry picked from commit a878adfe62)

Adding description and Forgejo SVG

(cherry picked from commit 13738c0380)

Undo reordering and tmpl redirection

(cherry picked from commit 9ae51c46f4)
(cherry picked from commit 70fffdc61d)
(cherry picked from commit c0ebfa9da3)
(cherry picked from commit 9922c92787)
(cherry picked from commit 00c0effbc7)
(cherry picked from commit e4c9525b13)
2023-09-25 16:02:39 +02:00
Earl Warren aaf0293034
[API] Forgejo API /api/forgejo/v1
(cherry picked from commit 20b5669269)
(cherry picked from commit 1574643a6a)

Update semantic version according to specification

(cherry picked from commit 22510f4130)

Mise à jour de 'Makefile'

(cherry picked from commit c3d85d8409)
(cherry picked from commit 5ea2309851)
(cherry picked from commit ec5217b9d1)
(cherry picked from commit 14f08e364b)
(cherry picked from commit b4465c67b8)

[API] [SEMVER] replace number with version

(cherry picked from commit fba48e6497)
(cherry picked from commit 532ec5d878)

[API] [SEMVER] [v1.20] less is replaced by css

(cherry picked from commit 01ca3a4f42)
(cherry picked from commit 1d928c3ab2)
(cherry picked from commit a39dc804cd)

(cherry picked from commit adc68578b3)
(cherry picked from commit 9b8d98475f)
(cherry picked from commit 2516103974)
(cherry picked from commit 18e6287963)
(cherry picked from commit e9694e67ab)
(cherry picked from commit a9763edaf0)
(cherry picked from commit e2b550f4fb)
(cherry picked from commit 2edac36701)

[API] Forgejo API /api/forgejo/v1 (squash)

Update semver as v1.20 is entering release candidate mode

(cherry picked from commit 4995098ec3)
(cherry picked from commit 578ccfdd27)
(cherry picked from commit 1bf6ac0952)
(cherry picked from commit 2fe16b2bfe)
(cherry picked from commit 7cd9d027ee)
(cherry picked from commit eaed4be2ae)
(cherry picked from commit cc94f3115f)
(cherry picked from commit d7a77e35cc)
(cherry picked from commit cd8eb68ab7)
(cherry picked from commit 68487ac95f)
(cherry picked from commit 616dceb565)
(cherry picked from commit 545fe5975b)
(cherry picked from commit c042cf8eda)
(cherry picked from commit ae5e5a7468)
(cherry picked from commit 8034ef5fa2)
2023-09-25 16:02:39 +02:00
silverwind a101dbaa79
Update JS and Poetry dependencies and eslint (#27200)
- Update all JS and Poetry dependencies
- Remove deprecated `eslint-plugin-custom-elements` and replace it with
rules from `eslint-plugin-wc`
- Add a convenience `make update` to update both js and py dependencies
- Tested markdown toolbar, swagger and citation
2023-09-22 22:51:48 +02:00
Chongyi Zheng 7046065c0e
Drop Node.js 16 and update js dependencies (#27094)
- Drop Node.js 16 since it reached EOL
- Upgrade js dependencies
- Two packages have major version bump
  - `updates`: require node 18
- `eslint-plugin-array-func`: require `eslint` 8.40.0, which is
- Run `make svg` for `@primer/octicons` update
2023-09-16 11:36:35 +00:00
silverwind 5feef6d5c0
Update JS dependencies (#26586)
- Update all JS dependencies
- Adapt `ansi_up` import for ESM
- Tested Mermaid and Ansi rendering
2023-08-19 10:18:39 +02:00
silverwind 8e644d3460
Update js and py dependencies (#26243)
- Update all JS and PY dependencies minus
`eslint-plugin-eslint-comments` (because of
- Regenerate SVGs
- Remove depreacted eslint rule
- Tested mermaid and swagger
2023-07-31 01:16:12 +02:00
wxiaoguang 52fb936773
Serve pre-defined files in "public", add "security.txt", add CORS header for ".well-known" (#25974)
Replace #25892

Close  #21942
Close  #25464

Major changes:

1. Serve "robots.txt" and ".well-known/security.txt" in the "public"
custom path
* All files in "public/.well-known" can be served, just like
3. Add a test for ".well-known/security.txt"
4. Simplify the "FileHandlerFunc" logic, now the paths are consistent so
the code can be simpler
5. Add CORS header for ".well-known" endpoints
6. Add logs to tell users they should move some of their legacy custom
public files

2023/07/19 13:00:37 cmd/web.go:178:serveInstalled() [E] Found legacy public asset "img" in CustomPath. Please move it to /work/gitea/custom/public/assets/img
2023/07/19 13:00:37 cmd/web.go:182:serveInstalled() [E] Found legacy public asset "robots.txt" in CustomPath. Please move it to /work/gitea/custom/public/robots.txt
This PR is not breaking.


Co-authored-by: silverwind <>
Co-authored-by: Giteabot <>
2023-07-21 12:14:20 +00:00
wxiaoguang faa28b5a44
Move public asset files to the proper directory (#25907)
Move `public/*` to `public/assets/*`

Some old PRs (like #15219) introduced inconsistent directory system.

For example: why the local directory "public" is accessed by
`http://site/assets`? How to serve the ".well-known" files properly in
the public directory?

For convention rules, the "public" directory is widely used for the
website's root directory. It shouldn't be an exception for Gitea.

So, this PR makes the things consistent:

* `http://site/assets/foo` means `{CustomPath}/public/assets/foo`.
* `{CustomPath}/public/.well-known` and `{CustomPath}/public/robots.txt`
can be used in the future.

This PR is also a prerequisite for a clear solution for:
* #21942
* #25892 
* [.well-known path serving custom files behind

This PR is breaking for users who have custom "public" files (CSS/JS).
After getting approvals, I will update the documents.


## ⚠️ BREAKING ⚠️

If you have files in your "custom/public/" folder, please move them to


Co-authored-by: 6543 <>
Co-authored-by: Giteabot <>
2023-07-18 18:06:43 +02:00
silverwind d2142ba3c3
Update octicons and use `octicon-file-directory-symlink` (#25453)
Make use of the [new
octicon]( that indicates a
symlink to a directory:

<img width="189" alt="Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 22 50 57"
2023-06-22 22:05:52 +00:00
silverwind f47744c3f1
Update JS dependencies, remove space after emoji completion (#25266)
- Update all JS dependencies
- Enable stylint
- Make use of new features in webpack and text-expander-element
- Tested Swagger and Mermaid

To explain the `text-expander-element` change: Before this version, the
element added a unavoidable space after emoji completion. Now that is in, we gain
control over this space and I opted to remove it for emoji completion
and retain it for `@` mentions.


Co-authored-by: Giteabot <>
2023-06-18 08:38:47 +00:00
silverwind a51b115b0a
Use inline SVG for built-in OAuth providers (#25171)
The plan is that all built-in auth providers use inline SVG for more
flexibility in styling and to get the GitHub icon to follow
`currentcolor`. This only removes the `public/img/auth` directory and
adds the missing svgs to our svg build.

It should map the built-in providers to these SVGs and render them. If
the user has set a Icon URL, it should render that as an `img` tag


GitHub logo is now white again on dark theme:

<img width="431" alt="Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 21 45 34"


Co-authored-by: wxiaoguang <>
2023-06-13 10:51:02 +00:00
HesterG 63a429581c
Modify OAuth login ui and fix display name, iconurl related logic (#25030)
Close #24808 

Co-Authour @wxiaoguang @silverwind 

1. Most svgs are found from , and some are
from conversion of png to svg. (facebook and nextcloud). And also
changed `templates/user/settings/security/accountlinks.tmpl`.

2. Fixed display name and iconurl related logic

# After

<img width="1436" alt="Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 14 09 05"

On mobile

<img width="378" alt="Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 14 09 46"

user/settings/security/accountlinks (The dropdown might be improved

<img width="973" alt="Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 10 01 44"


Co-authored-by: silverwind <>
Co-authored-by: wxiaoguang <>
2023-06-08 16:35:29 +00:00
silverwind e4e98979ff
Add PDF rendering via PDFObject (#24086)
Use [PDFObject]( to embed PDFs, replacing our
outdated PDF.js copy we vendor (the last non-webpack vendoring).

is the PDFObject integration
is the removal of PDF.js

<img width="1251" alt="Screenshot 2023-05-27 at 09 57 52"
<img width="1257" alt="Screenshot 2023-05-27 at 10 12 50"

Fallback for unsupporting browsers (most mobile ones, except Firefox

<img width="358" alt="Screenshot 2023-05-27 at 09 43 34"


Co-authored-by: Giteabot <>
2023-05-29 12:10:00 +00:00
KN4CK3R cdb088cec2
Add CRAN package registry (#22331)
This PR adds a [CRAN]( package registry.

2023-05-22 10:57:49 +08:00
silverwind a7e18b9fb7
Rework Oauth login buttons, swap github logo to monocolor (#24740)
Diff without whitespace:

- Use SVGs for GitHub and GitLab oauth providers
- Replace section wrapping with a divider
- Rework icon rendering, increase size from 32px to 40px


<img width="853" alt="Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 21 54 23"

After (more providers):

<img width="849" alt="Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 21 51 21"

<img width="856" alt="Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 21 56 45"



Co-authored-by: Giteabot <>
2023-05-15 22:46:51 +00:00
KN4CK3R 5968c63a11
Add Go package registry (#24687)
Fixes #7608

This PR adds a Go package registry usable with the Go proxy protocol.

2023-05-14 23:38:40 +08:00
KN4CK3R 9173e079ae
Add Alpine package registry (#23714)
This PR adds an Alpine package registry. You can follow [this
to build a *.apk package for testing.

This functionality is similar to the Debian registry (#22854) and
therefore shares some methods. I marked this PR as blocked because it
should be merged after #22854.



Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <>
Co-authored-by: silverwind <>
Co-authored-by: Giteabot <>
2023-05-12 17:27:50 +00:00
yp05327 bc719f549e
Update pin and add pin-slash (#24669)
Continue #23531
Thanks for the update in,


2023-05-12 14:38:59 +08:00
KN4CK3R 05209f0d1d
Add RPM registry (#23380)
Fixes #20751

This PR adds a RPM package registry. You can follow [this
tutorial]( to
build a *.rpm package for testing.

This functionality is similar to the Debian registry (#22854) and
therefore shares some methods. I marked this PR as blocked because it
should be merged after #22854.

2023-05-05 20:33:37 +00:00
KN4CK3R bf999e4069
Add Debian package registry (#24426)
Co-authored-by: @awkwardbunny

This PR adds a Debian package registry.
You can follow [this
tutorial]( to build
a *.deb package for testing.
Source packages are not supported at the moment and I did not find
documentation of the architecture "all" and how these packages should be


Part of #20751.

Revised copy of #22854.


Co-authored-by: Brian Hong <>
Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <>
Co-authored-by: Giteabot <>
2023-05-02 12:31:35 -04:00
Yarden Shoham 97991596bd
Remove all direct references to font-awesome (#24448)
- Related #10410
- I had to add an SVG for an empty checkbox

# Before


# After



Signed-off-by: Yarden Shoham <>
2023-05-01 00:02:56 +02:00
Yarden Shoham c0ddec8a2a
Revert "Add Debian package registry" (#24412)
Reverts go-gitea/gitea#22854
2023-04-28 18:06:41 -04:00
KN4CK3R bf77e2163b
Add Debian package registry (#22854)
Co-authored-by: @awkwardbunny

This PR adds a Debian package registry. You can follow [this
tutorial]( to build
a *.deb package for testing. Source packages are not supported at the
moment and I did not find documentation of the architecture "all" and
how these packages should be treated.


Co-authored-by: Brian Hong <>
Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <>
2023-04-28 17:51:36 -04:00
silverwind af4c178452
Update JS deps (#23853)
- Update all JS dependencies
- Regenerate svgs
- Tested heatmap, swagger, citation
2023-04-02 19:47:14 -04:00
wxiaoguang a797b8458e
Keep (add if not existing) xmlns attribute for generated SVG images (#23410)
Fix #23409 

Developers could browse & preview the local SVG images files directly.

It still has clear output.




Co-authored-by: silverwind <>
Co-authored-by: delvh <>
2023-03-21 13:39:27 +08:00
silverwind 96be0cb6e3
Update JS dependencies, Require Node.js 16 (#23528)
- Update all JS dependencies
- Require Node.js 16 as dictated by `esbuild-loader`
- Regenerate SVG
- Adapt to `esbuild-loader` breaking changes
- Minor refactor in `webpack.config.js`
- Tested build, monaco and swagger-ui


Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <>
2023-03-17 01:45:45 -04:00
delvh 81fe5d6185
Convert `<div class="button">` to `<button class="button">` (#23337)
This improves a lot of accessibility shortcomings.
Every possible instance of `<div class="button">` matching the command
`ag '<[^ab].*?class=.*?[" ]button[ "]' templates/ | grep -v 'dropdown'`
has been converted when possible.
divs with the `dropdown` class and their children were omitted as
1. more analysis must be conducted whether the dropdowns still work as
intended when they are a `button` instead of a `div`.
2. most dropdowns have `div`s as children. The HTML standard disallows
`div`s inside `button`s.
3. When a dropdown child that's part of the displayed text content is
converted to a `button`, the dropdown can be focused twice

Further changes include that all "gitea-managed" buttons with JS code
received an `e.preventDefault()` so that they don't accidentally submit
an underlying form, which would execute instead of cancel the action.
Lastly, some minor issues were fixed as well during the refactoring.

## Future improvements

As mentioned in,
`<a>`s without `href` attribute are not focusable.
They should later on be converted to `<button>`s.


Co-authored-by: wxiaoguang <>
Co-authored-by: silverwind <>
Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <>
Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <>
2023-03-14 11:34:09 +08:00
KN4CK3R c709fa17a7
Add Swift package registry (#22404)
This PR adds a [Swift]( package registry.

2023-03-13 15:28:39 -05:00
KN4CK3R d987ac6bf1
Add Chef package registry (#22554)
This PR implements a [Chef registry]( to manage
cookbooks. This package type was a bit complicated because Chef uses RSA
signed requests as authentication with the registry.



Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <>
2023-02-06 09:49:21 +08:00
KN4CK3R df789d962b
Add Cargo package registry (#21888)
This PR implements a [Cargo registry](
to manage Rust packages. This package type was a little bit more
complicated because Cargo needs an additional Git repository to store
its package index.






Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <>
2023-02-05 18:12:31 +08:00
KN4CK3R 6ba9ff7b48
Add Conda package registry (#22262)
This PR adds a [Conda]( package registry.
2023-02-01 12:30:39 -06:00
silverwind a1fcb1cfb8
Update JS dependencies (#22538)
- Update all JS dependencies
- Add new eslint rules
- Rebuild SVGs
- Tested citation and build

SVG changes are because of

Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <>
2023-01-21 10:42:13 +08:00
silverwind e767b3372a
Update JS dependencies and eslint (#22190)
- Update all JS dependencies to latest version
- Enable unicorn/prefer-node-protocol and autofix issues
- Regenerate SVGs
- Add some comments to eslint rules
- Tested build, Mermaid and Katex rendering
2022-12-20 17:15:47 -05:00
silverwind c8b217110b
Update JS dependencies (#21881)
- Update all JS deps
- Regenerate SVGs
- Add new eslint rules, fix issues
- Tested Mermaid, Swagger, Vue, Webpack, Citation

Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <>
2022-11-22 08:58:55 +08:00
silverwind 2e5ac53bdc
Embed Matrix icon as SVG (#21890)
Embed the SVG icon directly, making further invertion unnecessary
because the icon color can now follow text color.

<img width="240" alt="Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 20 16 32"
<img width="245" alt="Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 20 16 46"
2022-11-21 20:25:26 +00:00
silverwind b1dd1ba48f
Update JS dependencies and misc tweaks (#21583)
- Update all JS dependencies to latest version
- Disable two redundant eslint rules
- Adapt stylelint config to codebase
- Regenerate SVGs
- Make file editor spinner "reserve" height so page does not shift
- Tested katex, swagger, monaco

Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <>
Co-authored-by: 6543 <>
2022-10-28 09:40:50 -04:00
silverwind 7044d34ae5
Update JS dependencies and eslint config (#21388)
- Update all JS dependencies and playwright image
- Add new eslint rules, enable a few more, fix issues
- Regenerate SVGs
- Tested Vue and Swagger

Co-authored-by: wxiaoguang <>
2022-10-10 20:02:20 +08:00
silverwind ec82a24547
Update JS dependencies and lint (#21144)
- Update all JS dependencies minus vue
- Enable one more eslint rule, no new issues with it
- Tested build
2022-09-11 17:34:38 +02:00
KN4CK3R 41c76ad714
Add support for Vagrant packages (#20930)
* Add support for Vagrant boxes.

* Add authentication.

* Add tests.

* Add integration tests.

* Add docs.

* Add icons.

* Update routers/api/packages/api.go

Co-authored-by: Lauris BH <>
Co-authored-by: 6543 <>
2022-08-29 15:04:45 +08:00
silverwind 94549bcd11
Change review buttons to icons to make space for text (#20934)
The layout on the review code view was broken depending on length of the text. Change all three buttons to icons with tooltip to make more space for these long texts.

Fixes: #20922
2022-08-26 18:49:40 +02:00
silverwind d30e02255f
Slightly reduce exclamation icon size (#20753)
It seemed a tad to big compared to other icons. Shrink it slightly.

Co-authored-by: Lauris BH <>
Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <>
Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <>
2022-08-12 13:51:33 -04:00
silverwind 802c5313e1
Replace some icons with SVG (#20741)
- Replace some icons with SVG
- Create teams help page
- Application and SSH keys icons
- Add new icon for app token
- Use fontawesom-send
2022-08-10 18:30:40 +02:00
silverwind 89505ac650
Change commit status icons to SVG (#20736)
* Fix commit status popover and switch to svg icons

* margin tweak

* fix integration, use warning sign for error to match previous

* remove fix from here, will be a new pr

* use top/bottom positioning

* vertically center

* use no-entry over alert oction

* add exclamation icon

* fix test selector

* more test fixes
2022-08-09 23:55:29 +02:00
KN4CK3R f55af4675c
Add support for Pub packages (#20560)
* Added support for Pub packages.

* Update docs/content/doc/packages/

Co-authored-by: Gergely Nagy <>

Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <>
Co-authored-by: Gergely Nagy <>
Co-authored-by: Lauris BH <>
2022-08-07 18:09:54 +08:00
silverwind dba14dc196
Update JS dependencies, adjust eslint (#20659)
* Update JS dependencies

- Update all JS dependencies minus vue-*
- Improve eslint restricted globals
- Tested build, lint and swagger

* few more lint improvements

Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <>
Co-authored-by: wxiaoguang <>
2022-08-06 18:30:13 +03:00
silverwind c7fa5cc017
Update JS dependencies (#20423)
- Update all JS dependencies minus vue ones
- Remove workaround for case-insensitive attribute selector
- Add new linter rules and fix issues
- Tested SVG display and swagger
2022-07-20 23:48:06 +08:00