fixed docker image tagging

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@ -349,10 +349,8 @@ jobs:
run: cp -r html keeweb/package/docker/dist
- name: Build the Docker image
working-directory: keeweb
run: docker build -t antelle/keeweb:latest package/docker
- name: Tag the Docker image
run: docker tag antelle/keeweb:latest antelle/keeweb:${{ steps.get_tag.outputs.tag }}
- name: Push the Docker image to the registry
run: docker build -t antelle/keeweb:latest -t antelle/keeweb:${{ steps.get_tag.outputs.tag }} package/docker
- name: Push the Docker image to dockerhub
if: ${{ github.repository == 'keeweb/keeweb' }}
run: docker push --all-tags antelle/keeweb
- name: Create a GitHub release