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antelle dcc477acbc
tightened content security policy to prevent browser extension from adding scripts to KeeWeb 2 years ago
antelle bf2d72745a
removed the runtime chunk 2 years ago
antelle a31f9d5a50
new themes 3 years ago
antelle 543a71f6f2
up deps 3 years ago
antelle 0a2957449f
added blob: to script-src 3 years ago
antelle eca5b1c7a0
moved CSP a bit closer to the beginning of the html 3 years ago
antelle cd0a25f910
fix #1445: fixed offline mode in Chrome and Firefox 3 years ago
antelle 6cf2bf109c
fix #1444: fixed website favicons and attached images 3 years ago
antelle 280ed45199
fix #1438: content security policy 3 years ago
antelle cb150bdba9
fetching time 3 years ago
antelle 7f4a7f05f5
displaying fetch time 3 years ago
Christian Oliff 6010bf0ba9
remove duplicate apple-mobile-web-app-capable meta tag
the meta tag:
` <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />`
was appearing twice
4 years ago
antelle fa4ff0b0c3 prettier 4 years ago
antelle a7096b5cdf building css with webpack 4 years ago
antelle cf6fca86f3 iOS PWA improvements 4 years ago
antelle 00fb500287 fix #1085: disabled manifest.json to fix dropbox in iOS PWA 4 years ago
antelle 85f78257ed webpack 4 4 years ago
antelle 6854531584 grammar 5 years ago
Mehdi M 191819d56f Add fallback icons and app name in HTML <head> 5 years ago
Mehdi M 6c9c0da14d Add Microsoft Edge app icons 5 years ago
Mehdi M 4f62d3591f Add app icons to manifest.json and link it in HTML 5 years ago
Mehdi M 0efacb3cd5 Remove IE-only icon declaration 5 years ago
antelle 15b8d8362d fix #733: safari icons 6 years ago
antelle 4bf147c939 fix noscript message 6 years ago
antelle 31067d6bf3 fix #220: option to preload webdav config 7 years ago
antelle f779809994 fix #287: option to preload default config 7 years ago
antelle 3599c72db4 fix #132: theme color for mobile chrome 7 years ago
antelle be2699f2d1 sign html 7 years ago
Antelle be21ed8c61 hide statusbar in iphone homescreen app 7 years ago
Antelle 99f1e20246 include order 7 years ago
Antelle 00f65b5835 fix #77: touch icon 7 years ago
Antelle 2998e3f614 file open refactoring 8 years ago
Antelle 196516faa1 Building desktop images with grunt 8 years ago
Antelle c338cf097d cache manifest generation 8 years ago
Antelle af360d58f1 title change 8 years ago
Antelle 3fb3db9365 import 8 years ago