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Thanks for taking the time to contribute! :gift:
Please follow these steps:
1. work on the right branch: it must be `develop` for new features and `master` for hotfixes
2. make sure the feature you add is not listed in [banned features](
3. check compatibility with [the project roadmap]( and key features: you should not break anything
4. if your feature is introducing a lot of new UI or changing any UX or design concept, please open an issue to discuss it first
5. please respect existing style in code, styles, and markup (hint: install and enable [editorconfig]( in your editor)
6. don't add any dependencies
7. test your code: it must work in all browsers, Windows, OSX, and Linux
8. if your code is platform-dependent, please add corresponding switches
9. respect each platform: don't create a behaviour that breaks interface guidelines or user expectations
10. run `grunt` and make sure it's passing
11. replace this message with the actual description