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# Contributing to KeeWeb
Thanks for taking the time to contribute! :gift:
There are different ways to help the project, you will find a summary here.
## Code of conduct
This project and everyone participating in it is governed by the [KeeWeb Code of Conduct](
By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to
## Issues
First, let's check if it's [already there](
Perhaps, someone has already reported it?
[Click here]( to create a new issue.
When creating issues, please answer some questions asked on that page.
They will help to understand, reproduce, and fix your issue.
## Vulnerabilities
We would appreciate [responsible disclosure](
If you would like to report a vulnerability, the preferred way to do so is [contacting the developer directly](
## Questions, great ideas, etc...
You can [create an issue]( to discuss any topic.
Indeed, questions on that page are not applicable in this case.
## Development
We don't accept (and in foreseeable future, we won't accept) anyone as a project collaborator directly.
Instead, the code should be contributed via pull requests. To get started with development, take a look at these pages:
- [Architecture](
- [Engineering](
- [Unsupported Features](
- [Pull Request Guidelines](
## Pull requests
Please follow [this guide](
## Docs (Wiki pages)
KeeWeb has [Wiki pages](, however it's not possible to contribute with pull requests.
If you would like to improve it, please [open an issue]( and submit your changes in Markdown format.
## Donations
There are two ways of donating:
- join as backer on [OpenCollective](;
- sponsor the developer directly on [GitHub](
Please note: donation does not imply any type of service contract.
## Translations
All KeeWeb translations are contributed by the community. To improve a translation or add a missing one,
join us on [OneSky](
## PR
We would be happy to support you if you decide to post, blog, or review the project,
or provide any other kind of PR. Please [contact the developer](
if you have anything to share. You can also poke us on [Twitter](