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Thanks for taking the time to contribute! 🎁

Please follow these steps:

  1. work on the right branch: it must be develop for new features and master for hotfixes
  2. make sure the feature you add is not listed in banned features
  3. check compatibility with the project roadmap and key features: you should not break anything
  4. if your feature is introducing a lot of new UI or changing any UX or design concept, please open an issue to discuss it first
  5. please respect existing style in code, styles, and markup (hint: install and enable editorconfig in your editor)
  6. don't add any dependencies
  7. test your code: it must work in all browsers, Windows, OSX, and Linux
  8. if your code is platform-dependent, please add corresponding switches
  9. respect each platform: don't create a behaviour that breaks interface guidelines or user expectations
  10. run grunt and make sure it's passing
  11. replace this message with the actual description