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Matt Baer 62f9b2948e Exclude local static files from release build 2023-09-22 17:10:42 -04:00
Matt Baer 5d5a8536c8
Merge pull request #638 from zer-far/dev
Strip debugging information
2023-07-07 23:51:46 -04:00
Matt Baer 3a7554abe8 Use Go DNS resolution in release binaries
This builds with the `netgo` tag, ensuring WF binaries use Go DNS
resolution instead of libc, preventing unhelpful errors when the
application can't resolve addresses.

Closes #675
2023-04-28 10:07:00 -04:00
Abdullah 83765d5cbc
Update Makefile 2023-01-31 21:27:56 +00:00
İlteriş Yağıztegin Eroğlu 77cc1cc816 fix Makefile and Dockerfile to build on latest go versions
Signed-off-by: İlteriş Yağıztegin Eroğlu <>
2023-01-20 11:36:11 +00:00
mathew 6903dd4349 Replace go-bindata with standard go:embed 2022-12-24 17:59:19 -06:00
Matt Baer 73e0b72878 Fix release build
This forces xgo to use Go 1.15, to work around a bug with Go modules:

This also uses the correct Darwin and Windows binary names to prevent
failures in the `make release` process.
2021-05-10 13:08:49 -04:00
Matt Baer 484d2736ce Update repo URL to writefreely org
From the writeas org on GitHub.
2021-04-06 17:24:07 -04:00
Matt Baer 8a8288d2af Build ProseMirror library on `make ui` 2021-03-03 16:39:29 -05:00
Matt Baer 599e7669d0 Add CSS cache busting to templates in release 2020-03-27 12:19:59 -04:00
Matti R 98ca449b66
add arm-6 2020-01-14 12:02:43 -05:00
Matti R f4c6ce76dd
Switch to a maintained fork of XGO 2020-01-14 11:55:55 -05:00
yalh76 36df095dac Add ARM64 Build 2019-11-21 21:45:06 +01:00
Rob Loranger 6e9000659c
fix typo in Makefile GITREV release target 2019-08-22 12:16:37 -07:00
Rob Loranger 42a2219335
add ui back to target release linux 2019-08-22 10:48:58 -07:00
Rob Loranger 1d80e47e07
change subdirectory to writefreely
instead of writefreely_versionstring
2019-08-12 13:51:29 -07:00
Rob Loranger 1301160921
fix tar bombs
this changes the release targets in the Makefile to use a subdirectory
of the format BINARYNAME_GITREV so extracting the archive results in a
single directory.
2019-08-09 11:26:52 -07:00
Matt Baer e0666baa5d Include ARMv7 build in `make release`
This closes #135
2019-07-08 08:56:25 -04:00
Matt Baer 0b25109a6b Add `make build-arm7`
This makes it easy to build WF for ARMv7, e.g. the Raspberry Pi.

part of #135
2019-07-08 08:55:22 -04:00
Marcel van der Boom f6c129ed20 Construct version from annotated tags only
Fixes issue 125
2019-06-27 21:25:22 +02:00
Matt Baer a10a4e9a28 Merge branch 'develop' into librarization 2019-06-13 20:39:52 -04:00
Matt Baer be0547a62c Include schema.sql when built with wflib tag
This ensures outside application builds will succeed when including the
writefreely pkg.

Ref T613
2019-06-13 20:25:30 -04:00
Sandrockcstm cf139ecd72 go-bindata url updated 2019-05-17 15:57:33 -05:00
Matt Baer 7a07e1009b Include -config and -init-db steps in make install
This also moves development instructions to documentation repo.
2019-04-16 11:27:27 -04:00
Matt Baer 00ed2990eb Do Travis builds without sqlite
Using xgo comes with its own gomod-related issues. So let's see if this
fixes the build issue mentioned in the previous commit.
2019-04-06 11:46:27 -04:00
Matt Baer c7a4955840 Do CI compile with xgo
This will hopefully fix Travis errors:

/home/travis/.gimme/versions/go1.11.7.linux.amd64/pkg/tool/linux_amd64/link: running gcc failed: exit status 1
/usr/bin/ld: /tmp/go-link-810454258/000020.o: unrecognized relocation (0x2a) in section `.text'
/usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Bad value
2019-04-06 11:28:43 -04:00
Matt Baer 45b01c041b Don't install packages in make deps
This fixes an error: undefined: Asset
2019-04-06 10:50:22 -04:00
Matt Baer 8a9ef513fa Fix go-bindata error in Travis build
Based on @sheenobu's work on #58
2019-04-06 10:45:19 -04:00
Matt Baer 21e6c64708 Add make release-linux command 2019-01-10 11:44:30 -05:00
Matt Baer 6da342b0d1 Add make build-no-sqlite
Supports creating a build without SQLite support compiled in.
2019-01-10 11:44:08 -05:00
Matt Baer a419bd63fc Fix make deps not fetching sqlite3 lib 2019-01-04 19:40:00 -05:00
Matt Baer fca3019e4b Support building without SQLite support
This adds a new `sqlite` build tag that you should include only if you
want SQLite3 support built in. Both `make run` and `make release` create
builds with SQLite included.
2019-01-03 17:57:06 -05:00
Matt Baer 739afd2310 Embed schema files in binary
This includes schema.sql and sqlite.sql in the release binary, so they
no longer need to be included in the release archives. This reduces the
number of files extracted, but otherwise leaves all functionality as it
was -- especially the --init-db flag.

Ref T536
2018-12-30 20:10:42 -05:00
Matt Baer 69eab50f42 Create darwin archives with macos in the name
(not "darwin")
2018-12-24 12:56:57 -05:00
Matt Baer 9fb7777c33 Switch to xgo for cross-compilation
Ref T529
2018-12-08 18:27:50 -05:00
Matt Baer c6d3ef7596 Include SQLite schema in releases
Part of T529
2018-12-02 17:21:18 -05:00
Matt Baer 7bbc1b4b47 Add `make release-docker` 2018-11-24 14:18:11 -05:00
Matt Baer 402f66770e Move docker build to `make build-docker` 2018-11-24 14:11:39 -05:00
koehn 695bc79696 extracted docker command a la `go` and `make` 2018-11-24 17:57:01 +00:00
koehn 50a6a1ee40 added docker support to `make release` 2018-11-24 17:49:52 +00:00
Matt Baer bf5ed00484 Include version in archives made by `make release` 2018-11-20 18:35:52 -05:00
Matt Baer 1b57ea6f37 Merge branch 'master' of 2018-11-20 16:36:52 -05:00
Marcel van der Boom b030921691 Don't automatically include "v" from git
- "v" should not be part of the version (softwareVer variable is used
  in other places)
- formatting
2018-11-20 18:14:02 +01:00
Marcel van der Boom c25d0bef67 Get versioninfo from the git repository
Sets value of softwareVer during build
2018-11-20 14:21:13 +01:00
Matt Baer 87ffafeb54 Remove from make release 2018-11-18 22:31:32 -05:00
Matt Baer 64e52ba00d Add make release 2018-11-18 22:29:35 -05:00
Matt Baer 7bc873580c Move key generation to app from
This eliminates an external dependency needed for install, and ensures
the app can run on Windows.
2018-11-11 17:52:24 -05:00
Matt Baer 254655d853 Log more when building 2018-11-08 13:02:15 -05:00
Matt Baer 741292668a Get dependencies before building 2018-11-08 12:56:14 -05:00
Matt Baer 6867ac07b4 Update Makefile with new commands, fixes
- Fixes make clean
- Changes make to make ui
- Generates keys on make install
- Adds make run, make build
2018-11-08 12:45:59 -05:00