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Matt Baer 334d499fb3
Merge pull request #508 from writefreely/lang-posts-filter
Support filtering blog posts by language

Closes T805
2023-09-22 12:53:20 -04:00
Matt Baer 264bef03b1 Support rel=me verification on blogs
This allows setting a URL, and then renders a <link> element
in the head of the blog. It requires a database migration.

Ref T744
2023-09-21 19:04:34 -04:00
Matt Baer e0c165ff1e Ensure SetCollectionAttribute also updates attributes
Previously, it would only INSERT.
2023-09-21 18:55:48 -04:00
Matt Baer 3dc515c249 Merge branch 'develop' into lang-posts-filter 2023-09-21 16:38:48 -04:00
Matt Baer 54eb2db14d Fix tagged posts falsely showing Older link 2023-07-08 00:31:02 -04:00
Matt Baer 29c898867a
Merge pull request #483 from writefreely/log-gone-user-out
Log user out when authenticated as deleted user
2022-11-14 23:45:33 -05:00
Matt Baer 4b33c51ece
Merge pull request #540 from writefreely/better-titles-stats
Show post excerpt in stats list when no post title
2022-11-14 23:37:21 -05:00
Matt Baer d08f067e9c Change copyright notices to Musing Studio LLC
A Bunch Tell is now Musing Studio.
2022-11-10 23:49:16 -05:00
Matt Baer 4680e2e046 Show post excerpt in stats list when no post title
Originally requested on the forum:
2022-03-29 13:23:20 -04:00
Matt Baer d1e6daee16 Fix monetization_pointer upsert query for SQLite
Fixes #495
2021-12-29 18:23:31 -05:00
Matt Baer 43ca80f3eb
Merge pull request #503 from mnlg/hotfix/fix-date-format
Fix date format in anonymous posts
2021-12-29 18:05:36 -05:00
Matt Baer 1530bf37ef
Merge pull request #506 from writefreely/minor-fixes
Miscellaneous fixes
2021-12-29 17:53:16 -05:00
Matt Baer e91748c0bc Return correct count of currently-published lang posts
Previously, we'd include scheduled posts, too.

Ref T805
2021-09-16 15:53:07 -04:00
Matt Baer 414d5b0a1c Add pagination routes on lang post filter
Ref T805
2021-09-16 14:23:35 -04:00
Matt Baer f4977c7a34 Support filtering blog posts by language
Ref T805
2021-09-13 18:36:36 -04:00
Matt Baer 3270470b68 Ignore post `created` date when empty on publish 2021-08-30 17:48:30 -04:00
mnlg ae7e42e24e Fix date format in anonymous posts 2021-08-13 18:43:17 +02:00
mnlg 5be1938a8a Fix Gopher collections query 2021-08-05 16:53:20 +02:00
Matt Baer 6b336e22aa Log user out when authenticated as deleted user
Now when we check for the user at certain times and find that the user
doesn't exist in the database, we log them out and send them back to
the home page.
2021-06-27 17:57:07 -04:00
Matt Baer 1bdcf7096a Fix "Collection.hostName is empty!" log on Stats page
Fixes #468
2021-06-25 12:39:59 -04:00
Matt Baer e42ba392c6 Support Web Monetized split content
Ref T770
2021-06-07 15:52:24 -04:00
Matt Baer f0697fd555 Merge branch 'develop' into wm-fix 2021-06-07 14:58:14 -04:00
Matt Baer 85fb2a952b Support setting `description` on user registration 2021-06-07 14:53:22 -04:00
Matt Baer 2938bba15a Support updating collection only with monetization_pointer 2021-05-25 16:58:09 -04:00
Matt Baer 73450a50e3
Merge pull request #356 from writefreely/draft-list-paging
Draft list paging
2021-05-04 09:39:22 -04:00
Matt Baer 61974fadc0 Merge branch 'develop' into remove-nerds-dep 2021-04-19 16:18:33 -04:00
Matt Baer 27b43ac2f1 Merge branch 'develop' into draft-list-paging 2021-04-07 15:58:25 -04:00
Matt Baer 484d2736ce Update repo URL to writefreely org
From the writeas org on GitHub.
2021-04-06 17:24:07 -04:00
Matt Baer 64f1d71524 Remove writeas/nerds/store dependency 2021-03-30 12:49:12 -04:00
Matt Baer 2d38e8b65e Create coll post with the provided slug, if exists
Closes T811
2021-02-22 14:25:18 -05:00
Matt Baer 13a3a68d54 Validate and trim spaces on WM pointer
Ref T773
2020-09-30 14:42:11 -04:00
Matt Baer ec7b299fd3 Enable updating WM payment pointer via API and Customize page
Ref T773
2020-09-30 14:40:13 -04:00
Matt Baer 13eb51913e Support Web Monetization via backend attribute
This supports a new `monetization_pointer` collection attribute.
When present, we include the `monetization` meta tag on all
collection pages.
2020-08-19 09:28:44 -04:00
prichier ab285644a0 Fix: signup methods mutually exclusive 2020-08-16 20:42:55 +02:00
Pascal Richier d3f1e40010
Merge branch 'develop' into feature/generic-oauth 2020-08-16 19:58:01 +02:00
Matt Baer 7e3eb9a87b
Merge pull request #319 from writeas/silo-mentions
Support AP-style mentions of centralized social media accounts
2020-08-13 12:36:42 -04:00
Matt Baer 7fa78c2255 Move fakeAPInstances to web-core/silobridge package
This adds support for mentioning profiles on the following sites:

2020-08-13 12:33:35 -04:00
Matt Baer 7eeba4dc9e Limit initial draft post loading to 10 posts
Ref T401
2020-07-30 16:28:21 -04:00
Matt Baer 849e5b8503
Merge pull request #330 from writeas/post-signatures
Support post signatures

Ref T582
2020-07-30 11:53:27 -04:00
Matt Baer 6dbc753ecb Merge branch 'develop' into gopher 2020-07-23 11:47:49 -04:00
Matt Baer a25664bb97 Support post signatures
This enables users to add a signature to all blog posts, and update it from a single location.

Requires database migration with: writefreely db migrate

Closes T582
2020-06-23 16:24:45 -04:00
Matt Baer 507acc7e1c Support AP-style mentions of centralized social media accounts
This allows users to mention users on the following non-ActivityPub
social media sites:


It also adds missing error handling in federatePost().
2020-06-08 13:50:43 -04:00
Matt Baer cceea03076 Ignore "collation mix" errors in GetCollectionRedirect() 2020-06-08 13:37:02 -04:00
prichier 724ab34006 Fix: option name from allow_logout to allow_disconnect 2020-06-06 23:52:26 +02:00
prichier fe7ff38bd8 Manage generic Oauth buttons on Account Settings
Add generic Oauth allow_logout option
2020-05-31 04:09:14 +02:00
Matt Baer 5400f416c0 Reduce db calls on normal invite-based signup
This removes an unnecessary database call after creating a user, and documents `db.CreateUser()` to make it clear that extra calls are unnecessary.
2020-04-20 18:21:01 -04:00
Matt Baer ca4a576c31 Support OAuth registration with invite code
This adds any OAuth login buttons to the invite signup page, stores the invite code for the flow duration, and associates the new user with it once successfully registered.

It enables invite-only instances with OAuth-based registration.
2020-04-20 18:18:23 -04:00
Matt Baer dbd7eff7ea
Merge pull request #284 from writeas/high-load-error-page
Show 503 page on blogs under high load
2020-03-27 11:52:28 -04:00
Matt Baer 1d25b38eb7
Merge pull request #282 from writeas/patch-ap-mentions
Clean up ActivityPub mentions
2020-03-27 09:07:57 -04:00
Matt Baer cf4f08b264 Merge branch 'develop' into T713-oauth-account-management 2020-03-19 12:02:33 -04:00