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Matt Baer c1609cdb90
Merge pull request #658 from jsoref/spelling
2023-09-26 11:50:19 -04:00
guoguangwu cf53730f6c chore: remove refs to deprecated io/ioutil 2023-07-10 17:55:04 +08:00
Josh Soref af0927cf5c spelling: consequences
Signed-off-by: Josh Soref <>
2023-03-05 02:24:29 -05:00
Matt Baer d08f067e9c Change copyright notices to Musing Studio LLC
A Bunch Tell is now Musing Studio.
2022-11-10 23:49:16 -05:00
Matt Baer b092421f6e Add Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection on account deletion
This requires admins to generate a new encryption key with:
  writefreely keys generate

Ref T319
2021-04-22 12:41:54 -04:00
Matt Baer 484d2736ce Update repo URL to writefreely org
From the writeas org on GitHub.
2021-04-06 17:24:07 -04:00
Matt Baer 034db22f8c Break functionality out of Serve() func
- Adds a new interface, Apper, that enables loading and persisting
  instance-level data in new ways
- Converts some initialization funcs to methods
- Exports funcs and methods needed for intialization
- In general, moves a ton of stuff around

Overall, this should maintain all existing functionality, but with the
ability to now better manage a WF instance.

Ref T613
2019-06-13 18:50:23 -04:00
Matt Baer 758269e3d8 Move key generation and Keychain to key pkg
Ref T613
2019-06-13 13:47:28 -04:00
Matt Baer 9e43b04f04 Make Keychain struct public 2019-05-12 17:20:24 -04:00
Matt Baer d8937e89a8 Make App struct public 2019-05-12 17:19:38 -04:00
Matt Baer 5de193a64d Generate encryption keys in configured directory
This makes --gen-keys respect the keys_parent_dir config value
2019-01-20 14:18:09 -05:00
Matt Baer 1c40103fbf Fix generateKey error logging
This logs the actual error when it occurs, instead of always saying that
the key already exists.
2019-01-20 13:43:06 -05:00
Matt Baer 53a51be578 Support configuring resource directories
This adds new configuration values that specify the parent directory of
application resources:

- templates_parent_dir
- static_parent_dir
- pages_parent_dir
- keys_parent_dir

For any values not specified, the application will default to the
current directory.

This closes T560
2019-01-18 19:09:27 -05:00
Matt Baer 3ae45bc156 Fix spacing around copyright notices 2018-12-31 01:05:26 -05:00
Matt Baer 1274914207 Add copyright / license notices to .go files 2018-12-24 12:45:15 -05:00
Matt Baer 7bc873580c Move key generation to app from
This eliminates an external dependency needed for install, and ensures
the app can run on Windows.
2018-11-11 17:52:24 -05:00
Matt Baer 96c197453d Fix key loading on Windows + move paths into vars
This uses filepath.Join() to make sure they always load correctly
2018-11-11 17:25:34 -05:00
Matt Baer 62abc11142 Add web session management 2018-10-16 20:31:07 -04:00
Matt Baer 16473c97b7 Create basic server
Includes app config and some initialization
2018-10-15 14:44:15 -04:00