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Matt Baer 2b5318e7a6 Log any database errors when fetching stats
Previously, these errors were simply ignored
2023-09-21 17:08:57 -04:00
Matt Baer baf1d76475 Fix monthly active user stats query 2023-09-21 17:08:17 -04:00
Matt Baer d08f067e9c Change copyright notices to Musing Studio LLC
A Bunch Tell is now Musing Studio.
2022-11-10 23:49:16 -05:00
Matt Baer 484d2736ce Update repo URL to writefreely org
From the writeas org on GitHub.
2021-04-06 17:24:07 -04:00
Matt Baer 07ab0cdb9c Add `invites` flag in NodeInfo
This indicates whether or not invites are enabled on this instance. It
requires an upgrade to writefreely/go-nodeinfo v1.2.0
2019-04-11 20:37:01 -04:00
Matt Baer 88e7cea28b Set PublicReader value in nodeinfo 2019-01-29 19:07:12 -05:00
Matt Baer 3ae45bc156 Fix spacing around copyright notices 2018-12-31 01:05:26 -05:00
Matt Baer 1274914207 Add copyright / license notices to .go files 2018-12-24 12:45:15 -05:00
Matt Baer 13bf5b6638 Include max number of blogs in nodeinfo 2018-12-17 01:27:04 -05:00
Matt Baer cbf6ff54df Add site_description config value
This changes what displays in the NodeInfo, and in the future might be
used for other things.
2018-12-03 18:36:33 -05:00
Matt Baer be2c7ef86b Show instance stats on About page
This also moves the stats database logic out of nodeinfo.go and into
2018-11-21 14:08:47 -05:00
Matt Baer 001fc8bb2d Fully support single-user mode
- New editor nav
- New backend nav
- Support for drafts
- Different footers on backend
2018-11-09 22:10:46 -05:00
Matt Baer d6f23b54e3 Add RSS to outbound service nodeinfo 2018-11-08 13:38:08 -05:00
Matt Baer be31da2fe7 Tweak capitalization / spacing in Write Freely name
This affects nodeinfo and ActivityPub requests
2018-11-08 13:37:42 -05:00
Matt Baer 2e52b8cf55 Remove extraneous params in Sprintf calls 2018-11-08 12:32:38 -05:00
Matt Baer 6dbf0c8764 Add ActivityPub components, routes, handlers 2018-11-08 01:28:08 -05:00
Matt Baer e6f1291189 Move Host config value from Server -> App 2018-10-27 17:02:40 -04:00
Matt Baer 1a6f61690e Add NodeInfo endpoints
Includes new instance stats and the new option to show user stats, as
2018-10-17 19:25:09 -04:00