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* Copyright © 2018-2020 Musing Studio LLC.
* This file is part of WriteFreely.
* WriteFreely is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, included
* in the LICENSE file in this source code package.
package writefreely
import (
// Commonly returned HTTP errors
var (
ErrBadFormData = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusBadRequest, "Expected valid form data."}
ErrBadJSON = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusBadRequest, "Expected valid JSON object."}
ErrBadJSONArray = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusBadRequest, "Expected valid JSON array."}
ErrBadAccessToken = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusUnauthorized, "Invalid access token."}
ErrNoAccessToken = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusBadRequest, "Authorization token required."}
ErrNotLoggedIn = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusUnauthorized, "Not logged in."}
ErrForbiddenCollection = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusForbidden, "You don't have permission to add to this collection."}
ErrForbiddenEditPost = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusForbidden, "You don't have permission to update this post."}
ErrUnauthorizedEditPost = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusUnauthorized, "Invalid editing credentials."}
ErrUnauthorizedGeneral = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusUnauthorized, "You don't have permission to do that."}
ErrBadRequestedType = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusNotAcceptable, "Bad requested Content-Type."}
ErrCollectionUnauthorizedRead = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusUnauthorized, "You don't have permission to access this collection."}
ErrNoPublishableContent = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusBadRequest, "Supply something to publish."}
ErrInternalGeneral = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusInternalServerError, "The humans messed something up. They've been notified."}
ErrInternalCookieSession = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusInternalServerError, "Could not get cookie session."}
ErrUnavailable = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusServiceUnavailable, "Service temporarily unavailable due to high load."}
ErrCollectionNotFound = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusNotFound, "Collection doesn't exist."}
ErrCollectionGone = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusGone, "This blog was unpublished."}
ErrCollectionPageNotFound = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusNotFound, "Collection page doesn't exist."}
ErrPostNotFound = impart.HTTPError{Status: http.StatusNotFound, Message: "Post not found."}
ErrPostBanned = impart.HTTPError{Status: http.StatusGone, Message: "Post removed."}
ErrPostUnpublished = impart.HTTPError{Status: http.StatusGone, Message: "Post unpublished by author."}
ErrPostFetchError = impart.HTTPError{Status: http.StatusInternalServerError, Message: "We encountered an error getting the post. The humans have been alerted."}
ErrUserNotFound = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusNotFound, "User doesn't exist."}
ErrRemoteUserNotFound = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusNotFound, "Remote user not found."}
ErrUserNotFoundEmail = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusNotFound, "Please enter your username instead of your email address."}
ErrUserSilenced = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusForbidden, "Account is silenced."}
ErrDisabledPasswordAuth = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusForbidden, "Password authentication is disabled."}
// Post operation errors
var (
ErrPostNoUpdatableVals = impart.HTTPError{http.StatusBadRequest, "Supply some properties to update."}