Isolate your Big Brother Apps, using Work Profiles
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Shelter is a Free and Open-Source (FOSS) app that leverages the "Work Profile" feature of Android to provide an isolated space that you can install or clone apps into.


You cannot switch between versions listed above that have different signature without uninstalling Shelter first.


  • Installing apps inside a work profile for isolation
  • "Freeze" apps inside the work profile to prevent them from running or being woken up when you are not actively using them
  • Installing two copies of the same app on the same device

Discussion & Support

The GitHub Issue list and pull requests are not checked regularly. Please use the mailing list instead.

Caveats & Known Issues

  • Some caveats and known issues are discussed during the setup process of Shelter. Please read through text in the setup wizard carefully.
  • Shelter is only as safe as the Work Profile implementation of the Android OS you are using. For details, see


Translation status


To uninstall Shelter, please delete the work profile first in Settings -> Accounts, and then uninstall the Shelter app normally.