mod_http_upload_external backend implementation on Cloudflare Workers with S3 support, compatible with Prosody and eJabberd

Updated 1 year ago

Full DoH recursive resolver implemented on Cloudflare Workers

Updated 2 years ago

A toy pastebin on Cloudflare Workers with E2EE, React frontend and S3-compatible storage backend

Updated 2 years ago

My personal fork of wasp-os, the MicroPython-based OS for smartwatches

Updated 9 months ago

Fork of phh's vendor/hardware_overlay with my modifications

Updated 8 months ago

Yet another Arduino-based stepper motor MIDI synthesizer

Updated 2 years ago

A Standard Notes Sync Server written in Rust

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 6 months ago

Out-of-tree patches for Peter's ProtonAOSP GSI

Updated 10 months ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

A `pass` extension that encrypts part of the password store tree using `gocryptfs`.

Updated 3 months ago

Get a parrot (or a cat, or a horse, or whatever) in your Linux system tray with appindicator

Updated 4 months ago

A blogging platform written in Rust for Cloudflare Workers, integrated with Standard Notes

Updated 2 years ago

Fork of OpenKeychain for bug fixes on newer Android versions

Updated 4 months ago

Our fork of MiSSO, an OAuth2/OIDC-compatible SSO frontend for Misskey

Updated 1 month ago

Updated 7 hours ago

A IRC-to-Matrix relay bot (instead of appservice)

Updated 2 years ago