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Ananicy-cpp-rules for CachyOS

This is a ananicy-cpp-rules collection for ananicy-cpp maintained by the CachyOS team.

Ananicy-cpp & ananicy-cpp-rules

  • ananicy-cpp - daemon that automatically adjusts the nice levels of processes.
  • ananicy-cpp-rules - list of rules used to assign specific nice values to specific processes.

The nice value determines the priority of a process, with higher values indicating lower priority and making the process "nicer" to other processes. By default, on Linux workstations, the nice value is set to 0.

How to contribute

You can add your favorite games, apps, and more. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
For example, let's say you want to add a game.

  1. Go to 00-default
  2. Go to games
  3. Create a new file with the same name as your game, for example, gamename.rules

Examples of rules

The first example is simple. In the second example, it is different because some games generate multiple processes. In such cases, you need to add all the processes related to the game.

1. Example of rule for the Just Cause 2

# https://store.steampowered.com/app/8190
{ "name": "JustCause2.exe", "type": "Game" }

2. Example of rules for the The Outer Worlds

# https://store.steampowered.com/app/578650
{ "name": "Indiana-Win64-Shipping.exe", "type": "Game"}
{ "name": "TheOuterWorlds.exe", "type": "Game"}

How to find out proper process name?

Here is a list of tools



GameMode + ananicy-cpp = bad idea

GameMode and ananicy-cpp both adjust the nice levels of processes. However, combining both tools is not recommended, and we strongly advise against doing so.