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The order of individual tasks is a guide only and is subject to change depending on the situation. Also, the later tasks are more indefinite and are subject to change as development progresses.

(1) Improve maintainability <current phase>

This is the phase we are at now. We need to make a high-maintenance environment that can withstand future development.

(2) Improve functionality

Once Phase 1 is complete and an environment conducive to the development of a stable system is in place, the implementation of new functions can begin gradually.

(3) Improve scalability

Once the development of the feature has settled down, this may be an opportunity to make larger modifications.

  • Rewriting in Rust?

(4) Change the world

It is time to promote Misskey and change the world.

  • Become more major than services such as Twitter and become critical infrastructure for the world
  • MiOS will be developed and integrated into various systems - What is MiOS?
  • Letting Ai-chan interfere with the real world
  • Make Misskey a member of GAFA; Misskey's office must be a reinforced concrete brutalist building with a courtyard.