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1.9.1 (445)

  • Hotfix crashes below Android 11.


  • Updated targetSDK to 34 (Android 14) with compatibility fixes.
  • More reliable delayed freezing using AlarmManager (thanks parmaster84).
  • Support for cross-profile interactions allowlisting (e.g. for Gboard).
  • Removed "Fake Camera" feature as it has not been supported since R.
  • Version displayed within the app has now been changed to also reflect the exact Git commit when the app is built.
  • File Shuttle no longer appends ".null" or ".bin" suffixes unnecessarily. This should make it work much better with file managers such as Material Files.
  • File Shuttle now triggers media scanning much more robustly. Media files (pictures, videos, etc.) copied into the work profile should now show up much quicker in gallery apps.
  • Added a fake NFC payment service to workaround a bug in Android that prevents payment apps inside the work profile from being used if none is present in the main profile.
  • Fixed unintuitive colors of navigation icons under dark mode.


  • Updated targetSDK to 33 (Android 13) with compatibility fixes.
  • UI style revamp with Material You support on Android 12+.


  • Revamped the initial setup process to include a full setup guide for better clarity and less confusion.
  • Upgraded targetSDK to 31 (Android 12) with compatibility fixes.
  • Upgraded dependencies.
  • Translation updates thanks to our wonderful community.


  • Start of in-repo changelogs
  • Add support for Android 11 (c147377, 3852bd, and more) (Note: For now, File Shuttle is not available in the version on Google Play due to policy reasons, as they will not be allowing apps with All Files permission before 2021.)
  • Shelter can no longer be installed to external storage (removable SD cards) (9a6777 by Camilio Alejo)
  • Allow more browsable intents to be passed across work / main profile boundary (43444b by Camilio Alejo)
  • A new shortcut to Documents UI is available in the three-dot menu of Shelter, because on Pixels the Google Files app may not be able to open File Shuttle correctly (a121ee)
  • You can now choose to block or allow cross-profile contact access via a settings option (749ad1)
  • Thanks to translators participating in our Weblate instance (, Shelter is now available in more languages. You can now contribute translations easier than ever by using the Weblate interface.